WASH Tools Workshop, Zanzibar

The Soapbox Collaborative was a UK based Charity established with the aim to ensure clean safe care at birth. It was a needs-driven initiative, meaning that all support – technical or financial – was based on explicit local assessments of the current situation, of the specific needs, and of the options for achieving a lasting effect beyond the benefits of any input from Soapbox.

Professor Wendy Graham, LSHTM, has been the leading figure in establishing the Soapbox Collaborative and is currently the Scientific Coordinator of the project.

The Soapbox Collaborative worked in collaboration with partners in Ethiopia, Gambia, India, Tanzania and Myanmar to provide greater understanding and improvement to hygiene at birth in healthcare facilities.

Throughout the years The Soapbox Collaborative demonstrated the value of evidence based hand hygiene and cleaning activities as well as working alongside those who are able to put the benefits of these actions into practice.

The soapbox collaborative celebrated their achievements between 2012-2019, a list of which can be found here:

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