The Maternal and Newborn Health Group is currently working on the evidence base from epidemiology through intervention on all continents. We partner with multilaterals, national governments, research and professional organisations as well as NGOs. There are a number of cross cutting themes that the various research projects address:

  • Measuring  the burden of diseases associated with pregnancy, obstetric, stillbirth and neonatal complications, as well as their risk factor and socio-economic costs;
  • Improving our understanding of barriers to safe and appropriate obstetric and newborn care in low and middle income countries;
  • Strengthening the evidence base for large scale evaluation of complex interventions targeted at women with wanted or unwanted pregnancies, randomised control trials, and modelling;
  • Promoting the use of evidence to strengthen policy making.

The individual projects are described in the research pages for further in depth reading of the current work being carried out by the Maternal and Newborn Health Group.


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