Maternal, Newborn and Child Cause of Death

Estimation of deaths by cause for women, newborns  and children under five (global, by country)

This work is focused on improving the models from which the cause of death estimates are derived. The project has been done in close collaboration with the WHO Department of Health Statistics and Information Systems and staff at Johns Hopkins who are responsible for estimating causes of child deaths in the post-neonatal period. The results of this work will contribute to UN reports as well as publications in the scientific literature.

The team is producing cause of death estimates with time trends since 2000 at multiple levels – global, regional, national level for over 190 countries, as well as subnational level estimates for selected countries (e.g. China and India).

LSHTM, under the leadership of Prof. Simon Cousens, is estimating neonatal causes of death to address the following issues in 2018:

  1. Continue work to move modelling to a Bayesian framework which will enable incorporation of country-specific random effects into the model.
  2. Continue work to identify a suitable method for model selection within the Bayesian framework


Neonatal cause-of-death estimates for the early and late neonatal periods for 194 countries: 2000–2013 Shefali Oza, Joy E Lawn, Daniel R Hogan, Colin Mathers & Simon N Cousens, 2014

Global, regional, and national causes of under-5 mortality in 2000–15: an updated systematic analysis with implications for the Sustainable Development Goals Li Liu, Shefali Oza, Dan Hogan, Yue Chu, Jamie Perin, Jun Zhu, Joy E Lawn, Simon Cousens, Colin Mathers, Robert E Black 2016

For more information visit the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

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