Past Research

The following is a collection of some research highlights and policy briefs from the Maternal Health Group:

  • The Lancet Maternal Survival Series: A series of papers addressing Millennium Development Goal 5 – to reduce maternal mortality by three-quarters between 1990 and 2015. Coordinator: Carine Ronsmans.
  • Long-term Consequences of Birth Complications in Benin, Burkina Faso, and Bangladesh: Detailed multidisciplinary descriptions of economic, social, physical, and mental health consequences of severe obstetric complications. Co-Principal Investigators: Veronique Filippi and Carine Ronsmans. Funders: USAID, IMMPACT and ESRC.
  • Ethnography of evidence-based policy-making in international maternal and neonatal health:  A study of how researchers, health care practitioners, and policy-makers perceive and value different kinds of evidence and how their perceptions influence programme and policy development. Co-Principal Investigators: Dominique Behague and Katerini Storeng. Funders: ESRC, Norway Medical Research Committee.
  • Audobem: A cluster randomized trial in three countries in West Africa to study the effectiveness of facility-based audits to improve the responsiveness of West African district hospitals to obstetric emergencies including ethnographic and economic evaluation. Principal Investigator: Matthias Borchet. Funder: European Union.
  • ObaapaVitA: The impact of Vitamin A supplementation on maternal mortality in Ghana: A cluster randomized placebo controlled trial to evaluate the impact of vitamin A on pregnancy related mortality, all cause female mortality, and still births and neonatal mortality. Principal Investigators: Betty Kirckwood and Oona Campbell. Funder: DFID.
  • Maternal overweight and obesity and reproductive outcomes including neonatal mortality: analysis of cross-national data in Sub-Saharan Africa. Principal Investigator: Jenny Cresswell. Funder: ESRC
  • Birth Preparedness: The effectiveness of antenatal birth plans in increasing skilled care at delivery and after delivery in rural Tanzania. Principal Investigators: Moke Magoma and Veronique Filippi. Funder: WHO.
  • Measuring Maternal Mortality in Egypt, Syria, and Turkey:  National studies of levels and causes of maternal deaths using civil death registration or village level informants and burial records. Principal Investigator: Oona Campbell.

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