Estimation of burden of maternal morbidity with CHERG and WHO

Burkina Faso, Maternal Health Clinic

CHERG was formed in 2001 by the WHO as an independent source of technical expertise on child morbidity and mortality estimates at global and country levels.  Estimations of the burden of maternal morbidity and mortality were included in the late 2000s. From 2009-2014, the work of CHERG was funded by the Gates Foundation and conducted by researchers several institutions including LSHTM.

The lead institution was Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. The Maternal Health Group’s role was to improve knowledge on the extent of maternal morbidities and disabilities.

Principal objectives with CHERG:

  • To obtain global or regional estimates of morbidity associated with: abortion complications, haemorrhage, obstructed labour and fistulae
  • To investigate relationships between HIV during pregnancy and maternal mortality and complications
  • To test a new approach to obtain valid population based estimates from retrospective interview surveys with women

Main CHERG-related outcomes include nine published papers written by: Grollman and Ronsmans, Fottrell et al, Adler et al, Calvert and Ronsmans [2], Cresswell et al, Calvert et al, Alder et al  [2] and Wagner et al

This work was done in collaboration with Dr. Lale Say and Dr. Doris at the World Health Organisation, as well as Professor H Peterson. We continue working with the WHO on maternal morbidity estimation through our participation to the Maternal Morbidity Technical Working Group and with five new systematic reviews on health functioning during pregnancy and the postpartum period (Machiyama et al, 2017), qualitative studies of maternal morbidity (Lange et al, submitted), sepsis (Woodd et al, underway), and on abortion morbidity (Calvert et al, 2018) funded by the World Health Organization as well as a systematic review of  reviews on maternal morbidity (Gon et al, 2018).

Past and currents researchers involved in this body of research include: Carine Ronsmans, Alma Adler, Clara Calvert, Jenny Cresswell, Veronique Filippi, Giorgia Gion, Chris Grollman, Kazuyo Machiyama, Sara Thomas, Isabelle Lange, Ed Fottrell, Karen Wagner and Susannah Woodd.

For further information please contact: Veronique Filippi


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