Maternal Health Team

Research staff
Rebecca Baggaley Assistant Professor
Lenka Benova Assistant Professor
Clara Calvert Assistant Professor
Oona Campbell Professor of Epidemiology and Reproductive Health
Francesca Cavallaro Research Fellow
Jenny Cresswell Assistant Professor
Wendy Graham Professor
Diane Duclos Research Fellow
Yolanda Fernandez Research Assistant/Financial and Administrative Project Manager
Veronique Filippi Head of DIDE/Professor of Maternal Health and Epidemiology
Giorgia Gon Research Fellow in Epidemiology
Giulia Greco Assistant Professor and MRC Fellow (Economics of Health)
Isabelle Lange Research Fellow in Anthropology
Caroline Lynch Assistant Professor of Epidemiology
Kazuyo Machiyama Assistant Professor
Jennifer Palmer Assistant Professor
Loveday Penn-Kekana Lecturer
Timothy Powell-Jackson Associate Professor of Health Economics
Carine Ronsmans Professor of Epidemiology
Sophie Sarassat Research Fellow
Adrienne Testa Assistant Professor
Sandra Virgo Research Fellow
Susannah Woodd Research Fellow in Epidemiology

Administration staff
Sylvia Marinova Professional Support Pathway Programme Manager, MHG
Justine Marshall Communications Officer, MET and Lancet Maternal Health Series
Christina Spencer Programme Manager, MET
Honorary Members
Matthias Borchert
Rudi Pittrof
Katerini Storeng
Marina Daniele Research Degree Student
Mardieh Dennis Research Degree Student
Kerry Wong Research Degree Student

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