Prevention of Maternal Deaths from Unwanted Pregnancies – ‘PMDUP’ (2012-2017)

PMDUP in Lusaka, Zambia

Nurses at work, Lusaka, Zambia

The project is an evaluation of the DFID funded Prevention of Maternal Deaths and Unwanted Pregnancies (PMDUP) Programme being implemented in countries in Africa and Asia. PMDUP aims to increase the provision of service outlets and trained providers in 14 low income countries. EVA-PMDUP utilises both quantitative and qualitative research to assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the PMDUP programme. The consortium will carry out evaluation activities in five countries (India, Zambia, Malawi, Pakistan, and South Sudan) with the main focus of our research activities concentrated on India and Zambia.

EVA-PMDUP combines the complementary expertise and experiences of senior staff at three world-leading organisations: LSHTM, the Guttmacher Institute, and the Population Council.

The expected outputs include:

  • Household Sampling, Zambia

    Experimental or quasi-experimental evidence of impact and cost-effectiveness for selected parts of the PMDUP programme of work in India and Zambia;

  • Qualitative evidence of effectiveness of policy and advocacy work in three countries;
  • Ethnographic evidence of the impact of PMDUP on household outcomes associated with unsafe abortion and complications;
  • Evidence of progress in other countries through desk-based review and remote interviews;
  • One or more systematic review of effectiveness of programmatic strategies to supplement findings;
  • Effective research uptake of the evaluation findings with policy makers, programme managers and scientists at global, regional and country levels.




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